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Our portfolio exceeds $ 20 million a year in fees.



Since 1993, we have impacted more than 300 projects that group over 42,000 units.


Our portfolio surpasses $ 20 million a year in maintenance fees invoicing.


We contribute to the Puerto Rico’s economic development with the creation of 50 jobs and new direct services to the community.


We have modern, highly qualified professional services and resources to support our clients in account management.


Due to our integrity and commitment, our company has established itself in its field as one of the fastest and largest growing and most recognized companies in the last years.


TO PROMOTE that residents of Puerto Rico under gated communities (developments, condominiums, walk-ups) systems have all the features and alternatives that allow them to pay their maintenance fees. In addition, the members of the board will be liberated from the difficult and uncomfortable task of collecting maintenance fees from their neighbors and allowing them to devote their valuable time to the development and coordination of civic, social, athletic and cultural activities that result in fundamental growth of your community.


TO PROMOTE strong financial health in residential complexes with gated communities in Puerto Rico by maximizing their income through specialized handling of collections and proper expense control.

TO PROMOTE effective communication between the residents and the governing body of the complex to which they belong, by providing the best technological network to access information and identify the finances, activities, achievements and future plans of your community instantly (via Internet).


TO PROVIDE our clients with the most agile, efficient and specialized maintenance management service for gated communities systems.




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